Margaret Smith Research


My standard research rates are $50/hour with a minimum of 10 hours.  Consultations require a minimum of 5 hours.   


United States Research  Each family story is unique. Some families settled and spent generations building a community while others migrated across America in search of better opportunity.  I have experience researching both types of families and can help you find your ancestors.


Native American Research Many families have a tradition one of their ancestors was Native American.  My own family had that tradition and I was able to track down my Arapaho 4th great grandmother.  My personal experience has enabled me to help others in establishing the veracity of their family traditions.


Personal Consultation Would you like the satisfaction of finding your family yourself but you do not know where to start?  Are you an experienced researcher who has hit a brick wall and need a different perspective?  If so, then a personal consultation is for you.  I will analyze your research problem and design a research plan just for you.

Narrative Family History Family History is more than just names and dates.  Our ancestors were real people facing many of the same challenges we do including economic, cultural and physical.  I can turn your family history from dull boring forms to a narrative story including details such as military service, occupations, political service and family tragedies.